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CCA Policy Council and Working Groups


In 2021 Cattle Council will pilot a more contemporary policy development structure, replacing the existing five consultative committees. This structure will be made up of a 23-member Policy Council, which is advised by a series of working groups/taskforces with specific skills, knowledge and experience.

The Policy Council has been designed to better focus Cattle Council’s limited resources so it can more effectively deliver policy and advocacy for the beef cattle industry. It will also let the Cattle Council Board focus on governance, finance, risk management and strategic industry priorities and strategies. It is important to remember that the Policy Council is a trial, and the new structure will be refined over the course of 2021.

Working groups are intended to engage more producers in developing beef cattle industry policy, provide an opportunity to build their skills in policy development and provide a pathway for producers to move into industry leadership roles.

Policy Council and Working Group Objectives





Levy oversight


Industry leadership

Demonstrated understanding of:

  • Industry priorities
  • Industry structures
  • Government structures and processes
  • Role of advocacy
  • Networking and engagement


Demonstrated understanding of:

  • The purpose of Red Meat 2030
  • Strategic planning
  • Purpose of policy development
  • Process of policy development
  • Legislative and regulatory concepts

Demonstrated understanding of:

  • The purpose and recipients of the levy
  • CCA’s role in levies legislation
  • CCA’s role in how levies are spent
  • Levy raising principles and guidelines

Demonstrated understanding of:

  • The purpose of peak councils
  • CCA’s role in industry leadership
  • Consultation frameworks
  • Industry capacity development


Who can be a policy council or working group member?

Every year, Cattle Council takes expressions of interest from all participants in the beef cattle sector for positions on the Policy Council, and/or to be listed on the Policy Working Groups register. Current Cattle Council Consultative Committee members are encouraged to apply to ensure there is a sufficient level of continuity.

The Policy Council will consist of 23 members: up to 5 members of the Cattle Council Board, plus 18 members selected through the formal EOI. An independent selection panel will select the Policy Council members for recommendation to the Board for endorsement.

The EOI form has an option to indicate willingness to be placed on the Policy Council or on a Working Group or both.

Are the SFOs be involved?

State Farming Organisations (SFOs) will continue to have an active role in policy development. Producer members of SFOs are encouraged to complete an EOI and SFO Livestock Executive Officers will be able to attend Policy Council meetings as observers, either in person or via video link (they will need to cover their own costs if attending in person). This will help streamline communication and consultation, strengthening ties between Cattle Council and SFOs and will foster more constructive, coherent, and consistent policy development and improved advocacy outcomes for the grass-fed beef cattle industry.

Timeline for 2021

Face to face meetings of the Policy Council and Cattle Council Board are anticipated as early as practicable in 2021.


  • 30 November 2020
    EOI form sent to SFOs to be distributed to their membership and across Cattle Council communication channels
  • 21 December 2020         
    EOIs close 5.00pm
  • 5 January 2021               
    EOIs vetted for criteria by Cattle Council staff and suitable candidates provided to the selection panel
  • 18 January 2021             
    Selection panel to finalise its selection of Policy Council members for recommendation to the Board
  • 01 February 2021 
    Cattle Council Board to review recommendations from selection panel and finalise Policy Council membership
  • 04 February 2021
    Policy Council applicants notified of outcome
  • 05 February 2021
    Working Group/Taskforce applicants notified of outcome
  • 08 February 2021
    Induction manual provided to Policy Council members
  • 02 March 2021
    Policy development workshop
  • 03 March 2021
    Inaugural Policy Council meeting

Selection Criteria - Pilot Policy Council

The Policy Council will develop and determine industry policy positions. Policy Council members will be selected based on their expression of interest (EOI). The application has been designed to ensure there is a strong cross section of knowledge, skills, and experience. The selection criteria will also consider the need for retaining corporate knowledge, regional diversity and building industry capacity.

To facilitate whole of industry representation, an open call to everyone involved in the beef production industry is being conducted.

All nominees for the Policy Council must complete an online EOI form which includes a selection matrix to address the range of policy issues being managed by Cattle Council’s current consultative committees.

Any non-members appointed to the Pilot Policy Council must become a member of Cattle Council on appointment.

Submission of your Expression of Interest Form will be taken as your agreement to Cattle Council’s Privacy Policy. This Policy is available here

If you are unable to access the online EOI form, please contact Cattle Council on 1300 653 038 for assistance.

Selection Criteria - Policy Working Groups Register

The Policy Working Groups/Taskforces will provide advice and recommendations to the Policy Council on specific policy issues. Working groups will be established as needed and members appointed by the Policy Council. Working group members will be selected based on the skills, knowledge and experience that the group requires and may be grass-fed beef producers, or other participants with the skills desired by the Policy Council to address specific issues; for example, representatives from the beef value chain or the scientific community.

Members of working groups will be selected as required by the Policy Council based on skills, knowledge and experience noted in their EOI form. People on the Policy Working Groups Register will receive regular updates of the work of the Policy Council, even when they are not on a sitting working group.

You do not need to be a Cattle Council member to participate on a policy working group; however, Cattle Council welcomes new direct members. Click here to join.

Submission of your Expression of Interest Form will be taken as agreement to Cattle Council’s Privacy Policy. This Policy is available here

If you are unable to access the online EOI form, please contact Cattle Council on 1300 653 038 for assistance.

What is the selection process?

A selection panel will be established to select the Policy Council and those suitable to be placed on the Policy Working Groups Register.

The selection panel will be made up of:

  • the chairs of Cattle Council’s consultative committees (AHW&B, ISFS, MMAT, RD&A)
  • the northern and southern independent Cattle Council Directors
  • an independent representative from a service provider (e.g. MLA)
  • an independent consultant with knowledge of policy development (e.g. ANU)

After an initial vetting process undertaken by Cattle Council staff, the selection panel will receive the EOIs submitted and select the most suitable candidates with the desired mix of skills, knowledge, experience and regional diversity for the Policy Council and the Policy Working Groups. The Board will endorse/appoint the Policy Council. The Policy Council will appoint the working groups as needed.


Representing Your Industry

Any beef producer in Australia can become a Cattle Council member. Membership is $100 (+GST) annually per individual or Property Identification Code (PIC). For those producers who are already members of a State Farming Organisation, the membership fee is waived. Click here for more information on becoming a member.

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