Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Statement from CEO regarding Australian beef access to China

Cattle Council acknowledges China’s decision to suspend imports from four Australian abattoirs on technical grounds.

Cattle Council is committed to Australia’s trading relationship with China and will be working closely with government and our industry partners to see trade from these plants resume as soon as possible.

China is a valued export market for Australian cattle producers, and we have created strong commercial relationships, linkages and supply chains to supply Chinese consumers with high quality Australian beef.

China is Australia’s number one market for beef by volume, accounting for approximately 29% of Australia’s total beef exports.

Australia remains one of the world’s most reliable exporters throughout the COVID-19 period, faring exceptionally well due to the preparedness measures implemented by the Australian red meat supply chain.

Cattle Council is aware China has strict requirements for technical matters, including labelling, which our industry takes seriously and are committed to working through. 

Cattle Council is confident our industry and government can work through any technical issues with China so Australian beef trade to China can return to normal.

Australia’s beef industry is a world leader that supports more than 45-thousand beef cattle production businesses who underpin more than 170-thousand jobs in regional and rural Australia.


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