Photo and Video Competition

Stories from the Station

A big thank you to everyone who took part in Cattle Council's Stories from the Station Video and Photo Competition. We had nearly 100 entries and some amazing shots from right across the country. Thanks to everyone who helped us pick our winners by liking or loving the photos on facebook too.

It was a tough one to judge, so we added a fourth place prize in the mix.

Here are the winners.


1st Place 2nd Place
'Big Rigs, Big Cattle Numbers' by Kelli Elliot - WA 'Kelpie' by Sandie Read - Qld.
3rd Place 4th Place
'Pain Relief at Havelock by Bim Struss - Qld 'Puddles' by Wendy Eastaugh - Qld




1st Place 2nd Place
'Steadying the Herd' by Charli Gallagher - Qld 'Sir LickaLot' by Sandie Read - Qld
3rd Place 4th Place
Who needs a dog when you've got a
Brahman Calf?' by Steph Frankham - NT
Hiding from the Pandemic' by Amanda Barlow - NSW




Thanks again to everyone who entered and voted





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