Webinar: Accelerating beef sustainability in a post-pandemic world

25 Jun 2020 - Online 12:30 PM

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Early in COVID-19 Australia saw a significant spike in beef sales as consumers stocked up on food they trusted and that provided them comfort. Supermarket shelves were stripped of mince, sausages and other cuts as buyers sought to secure safe and nutritious sources of food.

Now, as restrictions in Australia continue to ease, the question remains: what will bounce back and what will bounce forward be for the Australian beef industry in the post-pandemic era?

Join the Rural Press Club for an in-depth discussion of whether consumer interest and purchasing decisions will be influenced by sustainability from here and what this means for all members of the Australian red meat value chain.

Featured Speakers:

  • Tess Herbert, Chair of the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework: How has industry been anticipating and responding to consumer and community areas of interest and how does this proactively position Australian beef to capture value for the sector in a post-COVID world.
  • Darren Robertson, Chef, Restaurant Owner & Food Waste/Sustainability Expert: How will dining and restaurant sustainability evolve and will consumers continue to move towards brands and companies focussed on sustainability.
  • James Madden, Managing Director of Flinders & Co: How the Flinders & Co business rapidly pivoted from supplying restaurants to retail and whether his commitment to Carbon-Neutral beef has changed during this time.
  • Georgie Somerset, Queensland Beef Producer, President of AgForce & Board Director for ABC: The importance of demonstrating sustainable practice on the ground from a producer's perspective.


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