Research, Development and Adoption Committee


The responsibilities of the research, development and adoption committee are:

  1. Providing recommendations on research and development issues within the grassfed beef industry, with a focus on:
    • Improving production efficiency on-farm and relevant off-farm.
    • Improving the delivery of research to industry and ensuring adoption programs are an integral component of the research and development (R&D) pipeline.
    • Improving live export productivity.
  2. Providing strategic direction and oversight of MLA Research and Development programs that involve grassfed levy expenditure. 

Focus and Activities

The role of the research, development and adoption committee is to provide policy advice to Cattle Council Board and strategic direction and oversight of Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) research and development. The committee is focused on:

  • Increasing productivity growth and profitability with a focus on market-driven and compliant products.
  • The adoption of innovative practices that increase the number of profitable enterprises across the industry. Ensuring enterprise and industry efficiency, and profitability are key drivers to R&D investment.
  • Improving the delivery of research to industry by using tools (i.e. value-based payments) that incentivise higher performance against objectively-measured, market-driven criteria.
  • Improving business skills in the production sector.
  • Enhancing investment in R&D through fostering improved research capacity and strategic investment. 


  • Chairman
  • One representative from each state farming organisation member of Cattle Council
  • Direct members selected by the board after nominating at the CCA AGM
  • Members appointed by the Cattle Council Board on the basis of specific knowledge or expertise
  • Chairs of the Northern Australia beef research council (NABRC), Southern Australia Meat Research Council (lSAMRC) and Western Australian livestock research council (WALRC).

The committee meets regularly via teleconference and four times per year in person.

Representing Your Industry

Any beef producer in Australia can become a Cattle Council member. Membership is $100 (+GST) annually per individual or Property Identification Code (PIC). For those producers who are already members of a State Farming Organisation, the membership fee is waived. Click here for more information on becoming a member.

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