NAB Agribusiness Rising Champions Initiative

The NAB Agribusiness Rising Champion Initiative commenced in 2010 and is now entering the 6th year of the Initiative. 2016 is set to find some of the best young leaders in the country. Cattle Council aim to inspire, empower and support young people, who are passionate about the Australian beef industry and to provide them with an opportunity to be directly involved. It makes sense that the cattle producers and stakeholders of tomorrow are involved in the planning that occurs today. That’s why Cattle Council is offering young people passionate about the Australian beef industry the opportunity to have a say and be heard by the decision makers. 

Applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Why Apply?

  • Meet like-minded people interested in beef from across Australia and the globe.
  • Create networks with Australia’s beef   industry leaders and take home tips from the best in beef.
  • Work with a mentor who is also a beef producer to progress personal goals.
  • Develop the knowledge, political acumen and leadership skills to be a young champion in the beef industry.

Cattle Council would like to thank the following for their support in the NAB Agribusiness Rising Champions Initiative:

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Kevin has completed a Bach of Aerospace Engineering but he believed he was destined to return to his family property, were he now co-manages with his family that operate cattle, sheep and irrigation in Southern Victoria. Kevin has a strong community focus and wishes to increase his engagement particularly with state youth groups. Kevin has goals to increase the genetic capabilities of his stud herd, whilst maintaining his commercial herd operation. Kevin’s personal career goals are to increase his input into policy making committees as well as increase his marketing and promotion of beef within Victoria. Kevin believes that with his knowledge he could assist within gaining awareness on competitiveness on a world stage as well input into increasing promotion of the Australian grassfed product. Kevin applied for the NAB Agribusiness Rising Champion Initiative to increase his networking profile, grasp policy decisions and market focus areas, so he can begin to input into State and National issues within SFOs and Cattle Council.  


Geoff Birchnell- New South Wales


Geoff ‘s passion for beef stems from his family property located near Tamworth on the North West slopes & plains of NSW. He operates a beef cattle stud and commercial herd focused on utilising cross genetics to improve herd productivity, carcass quality and yields. The pursuit to achieve a greater production potential within his herd has led him to visit South and North America for research within genetics, leading him to the importation of semen for his herd. Geoff is an Art4Agriculture Young Farming Champion, has won numerous RAS awards for his cattle and is a qualified chartered accountant. Geoff is determined to make a mark in the industry within his new export business that he has started aiming to educate the Chinese retail market on the benefits of Australian beef. Geoff  is working to develop concise strategies to maximise prosperity and opportunity for our beef products.  Geoff  is excited to be apart of this initiative as he believes that this opportunity will provide him with the next platform in understanding political, policy and State organisation representation, provide him with key networks and aid in forming more youth involvement. 


Bronte James- Northern Territory 

Bronte James  co-manages her family run station within the northern farmlands of the Northern Territory. A mixed grazier and cattle operation spanning a total 2,800 sq km and running approx. 12,000 hd of cattle, Bronte and her brother have 4 staff members recruited from different walks of life. Bronte’s passion for the beef industry and her property is infectious with the overall goal to increase the profitability, sustainability and efficiency of her operation. After a stint in the mines Bronte returned home to maintain the property due to the ill health of her father. Alongside her brother they employ workers from local communities across the NT. She has had an abundant amount of community involvement and is excited to progress into more State and National areas of the beef industry. She believes in achieving goals such as public awareness, sustainability, disease prevention and ensuring we mentor youth. Bronte believes it’s her time to contribute back into the national areas of the beef industry and is determined to gain more knowledge of the political side of the beef industry. 


Emily Bryant- Western Australia 


Emily is a women with passion and drive for all things beef. Located on Argyle Downs 120km south east of Kununurra WA she manages a 1000sqm station for Consolidated Pastoral Company. Starting as a cook she has built her way to the top. Emily manages a finishing property for dry cattle for live export into South East Asia, off loading 7,500 head annually she is determined to ensure she produces a high quality beef brand to this industry. Emily believes it is important for all pastoralists involved within the live export industry to operate as a team to constantly improve welfare standards, manage external criticism and ensure proper management of cattle whilst in transit. She is excited for this opportunity to progress her knowledge, industry networks and gain a deeper understanding of policy issues currently facing this industry.  She is excited for the future of the beef industry and is proud to be involved.


Kitty Sheridan- South Australia

‘Kitty’ is from a mixed cattle and cropping operation outside Dubbo NSW, and now she resides in South Australia as a Livestock Operations Leader within the Teys Naracoote Complex. Throughout her career Kitty studied a Bach of Animal Studies at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga before operating as a leading hand at the Teys Charlon Feedlot in Vic. She works closely with producers, processors, agents and fellow beef youth. She has goals for the future to become a Trainer and Assessor so she can educate youth on how to become more involved within the industry as well as operate and own a cattle property.  The  main issue with industry that she wishes to address is within the retention of people as well as forming a clearer picture of the processing industry to external sources. Kitty wishes to immerse herself within the beef industry at a deeper level regarding the decision and policy making areas of both State and National Organisations.



Sam Wright- Queensland


Sam is from a small town North West of Rockhampton in Nebo, Queensland. After completing his Bach of Business Management & Commence at the University of Queensland, he moved back to the family property to co-manage the breeder and fattening operations of his family’s business. Sam’s goals for the future are to operate a profitable and sustainable family beef business that will  succeed for years to come. His passion for the beef industry is evident in his explanation of his future plans. Sam is interested in playing an active role within the beef industry and aims to address areas of concern such as animal welfare, production costs, social media and profitability. At just 22 Sam is determined to improve his networking with other young beef enthusiasts to increase his involvement across this broad industry.    


Allison Horswill- Tasmania 


Allison grew up on farming land in Cambridge South east Tasmania. Allison has worked within career development in state education before she found her passion for the rural school system. Her ongoing drive to achieve within the beef industry allowed her to progress into her current position as the General Manager of Huon Valley Meat Co. This facility operates the Cradoc Hill Abattoir, a domestic multi species meat processing facility in far southern Tasmania. Her goal within her beef career is to establish the Huon Valley Meat co into a national brand. She takes great pride in the education of her staff and wishes to increase the input of youth within the local community into her skilled labor force. Allison wishes to provide more community and state policy input to increase her knowledge, networking and influence into the Tasmania beef industry. 


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