Cattle Council of Australia’s Board Elections

As a Cattle Council of Australia member, you are entitled to vote on Cattle Council Board positions for 2018.

Six board positions will be filled at Cattle Council's 2018 AGM on Tuesday 20 November at Hotel Realm, Canberra.

Member endorsement of the nominations for these six positions is now sought. Board nominations open for endorsement are:

- Independent Director (Northern)

- Independent Director (Southern)

- Queensland AgForce

- Victorian Farmers Federation

- Western Australia Farmers Federation

- South Australia Livestock SA

If an error occurs during your vote please contact the Cattle Council office. You must be logged in to vote.

To support the nominee, simply click on the circle next to their name, or to decline click on the icon next to ‘Do not Support Nomination’.

Members attending the Cattle Council AGM can vote in person, but please note if you vote online you will not be able vote a second time at the AGM.

If you are unable to vote online or in person, you may submit a proxy. Proxies must take the form of an email and clearly list the member whom you wish to exercise your voting right.

The deadline for voting, and for proxies to be received, is 8am, Tuesday 20 November, 2018.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the Cattle Council office on (02) 6269 5600 or


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