Australia and China ChAFTA Agreement Finalised

Cattle Council congratulate the Australian Government on today’s signing and finalising of the Free Trade Agreement Australia and China.

The finalising of the ChAFTA signifies a major milestone for the Australian Beef Industry.

Howard Smith, Cattle Council President stated,

“The Australian government has provided Australian producers with three major trade agreements from Japan, Korea and now China over the past year- a significant boost for Australian beef internationally”

“China continues to be an essential market for Australian beef, having doubled its imports over the past 6 years” 

“The flow through benefits of ChAFTA will input an annual gross value of $270 million towards the Australian beef industry which should flow into farm gate prices”

Following the signing of the ChAFTA, both the Australian Government and Chinese Government will complete their domestic regulation and legislative requirements before the Agreement will be put in force.

The Agreement is proposed to be in force in late 2015, delivering the Australian beef industry with its first tariff cuts of 12-25% on beef products and live animals.



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