CCA AGM Elects Two Independent Directors

The Cattle Council of Australia today held it’s first AGM since the introduction of it’s new Constitution in January 2014 and elected two Independent Directors to it’s board. 


The opportunity for beef producers to directly elect independent Board Directors stems from industry consultation which emphasised the need for greater transparency and accessibility of the representative body.


Board Directors, endorsed by the Cattle Council membership and nominated by Founding Members of the Cattle Council of Australia, were elected including:

Independent Directors, one northern and one southern, were elected by direct members of the Cattle Council of Australia:


Independent Directors will join the Cattle Council at it’s next meeting on Friday, 14 November 2014. 


Cattle Council President, Andrew Ogilvie, said that the election of Independent Directors was another step in providing representative leadership for Australian beef producers.


“Australian beef producers are crying out for a more representative Cattle Council. The opportunity for all producers to have oversight of levy expenditure and have a say on the formation of policy that affects all producers is a step in the right direction.”



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