Beef Industry Strategic Plan 2020 – Discussion paper 2 released for comments 

Australian grassfed beef producers with an interest in influencing how their marketing levy will be spent over the next five years are being urged to comment on the next discussion paper released by Cattle Council of Australia today.

Cattle Council believe that to safeguard the long-term financial wellbeing and sustainability of the grassfed beef industry then we must ensure that our product has the greatest opportunity for success.

To tackle this issue, Cattle Council has released the second Discussion paper of the Beef Industry Strategic Plan 2020, Discussion paper Pillar 2 - Market Growth and Diversification.

Howard Smith, Cattle Council President said “As a producer myself I wish to see the removal of trade barriers, increased market opportunities and great product promotion to ensure the sustainability of the grassfed beef industry”.

“This Discussion paper has the second-highest cost benefit/cost ratio out of all the Pillars, providing a focus on two major priorities and five imperatives for long term success within external markets Mr. Smith said.

The Discussion paper has an emphasis on the creation of new, and/or the expansion of existing markets for Australian grassfed beef producers.

“We urge those involved in the grassfed beef value chain to provide feedback on the Discussion papers as they are released over the coming weeks via our website” said Mr Smith.

By continuing to increase market access and diversification of Australian grassfed beef the benefits will continue to roll down the supply chain.

Cattle Council welcome the input provided on the first discussion paper, which is still available for comment and remind producers to keep an eye out for the release of the next 3 Pillars.

Discussion paper Pillar 2 Market Growth and Diversification is now available on the Cattle Council website at


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