Beef Industry Strategic Plan (BISP 2020

The fourth Meat Industry Strategic Plan (MISP 2020) was launched on 9 September 2015. The Plan, co-ordinated and compiled by Red Meat Advisory Council Ltd, covers all segments of the beef, sheep and goat sectors and sets out the strategic priorities for the industry as a whole for the coming five years. 

Each of these sectors is developing its own strategic plan as a way of adding further detail to the five ‘Pillars’ of MISP 2020, these being:  Consumer and Community Support; Market Growth and Diversification; Supply Chain Efficiency and Integrity; Productivity and Profitability; and, Leadership and Collaboration.

There are five Discussion Papers (one per Pillar) being used as ‘thought provokers’ for Cattle Council of Australia’s development of the Beef Industry Strategic Plan (BISP 2020) that will sit under MISP 2020.

Considerable work and resources have gone into the formation of MISP 2020. Because of this, BISP 2020 will be designed around the same headings and structure. Under Pillar 1, for example, there are three Priorities:  Welfare of the Animals Within Our Care; Stewardship of Environmental Resources; and Red Meat in a Healthy Diet. Each of these three Priorities is then split into a number of Imperatives. These have all been used in constructing BISP 2020.

Also, the economic analysis behind MISP 2020 has been broken down by sector, providing specific evidence for BISP 2020 as to what can be achieved if certain activities are followed and what might be lost if not. Comparison of activities is expressed as benefit/cost ratios.

The BISP 2020 can be downloaded here.


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Beef Industry Strategic Plan

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