Industry Systems and Food Safety Committee


  1. Policy advice and recommendations on the grassfed beef industry’s activities associated with supply chain integrity and efficiency issues, with a focus on:
    • continuous development of the beef industry language and industry systems
    • delivery of systems and business models that enables value based marketing
    • ongoing development of whole of supply chain data exchange.
  2. Strategic direction and oversight of all industry service provider programs that involve grassfed levy expenditure under supply chain integrity and efficiency programs, with a focus on the continuous improvement and development of Meat Standards Australia.


  • Ongoing development of the beef industry language and industry systems ensuring our integrity systems delivers on the promise it makes. This requires objective measures for key quality and integrity specifications for all sectors of the supply chain.
  • The delivery of systems that allow financial benefits to be provided based on the delivering against key quality and integrity specifications (value based marketing), underpinned by systems that provide an incentive to innovate and differentiate.
  • The ongoing development of whole of supply chain data exchange to support the above.


The committee’s activities align with the three ‘Imperatives’ from the Meat Industry Strategic Plan (MISP) and the Beef Industry Strategic Plan (BISP2020).

The committee provides:

  • policy advice to the Cattle Council Board
  • policy recommendations and advice relating to industry systems and food safety to:
  • Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) 
  • NLIS Ltd
  • National Residue Survey (NRS)
  • Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Association (APVMA)

The committee meets regularly via teleconference and four times per year in person. 


  • Chairman
  • One representative from each state farming organisation member of the Cattle Council
  • Direct members selected by the board after nominating at the CCA AGM
  • Members appointed by Cattle Council’s Board on the basis of specific knowledge or expertise

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Beef Industry Strategic Plan

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